The Study Of Consumer Behavior.

  “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”, this quote from Peter Drucker places the emphasis on how crucial it is for businesses to have a good understanding of the consumer base they are dealing with, thus puts us in front … Continue reading The Study Of Consumer Behavior.

Ethical Marketing | Marketing Ethics

¬† Ethical marketing involves practices that follow ethical standards and focus on how businesses can fulfill their social responsibilities and handle different ethical issues. It is basically about combining social and commercial objectives in a way that benefits both the business and society. Organizations that follow ethical marketing intentionally apply moral standards to their marketing … Continue reading Ethical Marketing | Marketing Ethics

Porter’s five forces model.

Michael Porter(1947-) the Harvard business school professor was conducting research about the competitiveness in different industries during the 70s of the last century when he came up with a new model to understand the attractiveness and potential profitability of a marketplace by analyzing the competition and the rivalry thought five different factors. that’s the ” … Continue reading Porter’s five forces model.

Consumer behavior and the decision-making process .

Knowing the customers’ purchasing behavior as closely as possible and understanding the underlying reasons for their purchases is one of the most important objectives all marketers work on achieving. Because this would make it possible to orient consumer purchases in the direction desired by the company. The study of consumer behavior therefore aims to help the … Continue reading Consumer behavior and the decision-making process .

S.W.O.T analysis and its importance in marketing.

S.W.O.T (stands for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis is a business strategy tool that helps determining the options offered in a certain area of activity. It’s a very practical and useful tool during the strategic diagnostic phase. It has the advantage of summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of a company as well as the opportunities … Continue reading S.W.O.T analysis and its importance in marketing.

Market segmentation

A business’s offer cannot satisfy the entire market.  Not all people like the same things and have the same interests and preferences.  It is therefore necessary to segment the market. What does market segmentation mean ? Market Segmentation involves identifying distinct groups of customers who will react in the same way to the company’s offering. … Continue reading Market segmentation

Global marketing and its challenges.

In today’s globalized world going international and investing in different countries is such a priority for most companies. To seize the opportunities this globalization offers, businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies to the global market, this is where global marketing emerges. Global (or international) marketing: promoting a brand in several countries outside the local … Continue reading Global marketing and its challenges.

What makes a good marketing strategy?

You are starting a business and you want to promote it and get people to know about your product/service ?You definitely need a marketing strategy! What does a marketing strategy mean?A marketing strategy is a group of  techniques that allow your organization to direct its resources to the opportunities on the market by reaching prospective … Continue reading What makes a good marketing strategy?