Global marketing and its challenges.

In today’s globalized world going international and investing in different countries is such a priority for most companies. To seize the opportunities this globalization offers, businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies to the global market, this is where global marketing emerges.

Global (or international) marketing: promoting a brand in several countries outside the local market. To be able to sell products/services in different countries in the world we need to adapt our offers to the conditions of these countries through a process of planning, creating, positioning and promoting products in the global market .

While trying to build their international marketing strategy, businesses face some considerable challenges:
1- Difference in cultures: we all remember the big mistake Nike made when they put an airmax logo, that looks the name Allah in Arabic,  on the bottom of their Nike airmax sneakers and a lot of muslims considered it offensive and decided to boycott Nike products.
This example shows that, while trying to promote a brand in other countries, respecting their cultural(and religious) peculiarities is an important point that should be taken into account.
2- Different languages: this difference in languages causes a problem of communication between the business and its clients across the world.
International corporations should consider the language of their foreign clients while trying to make them purchase for their offers because communicating with customers in their local language is a good way to get close to them and gain their trust.
3- Understanding customers needs: When we’re dealing with customers from different regions and countries it is difficult to understand everyone’s needs and make offers that respond to their different expectations.
4- Coordination: One of the biggest challenges facing companies deciding to promote their brands in the global market is ensuring the coordination between their teams operating locally and abroad, and guarantee that marketing efforts are masterminded in a common direction.

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