Content Marketing

In early 20th century the brothers André and Edward Michelin, the founders of the french company Michelin (a world leader in tire manufacturing), were struggling to find a way to increase their sales. In that time there were fewer than 3000 cars in whole Paris, the car was such a modern sophisticated invention that not everyone could have.
The Michelin brothers found a genius and unexpected way to increase the demand on their tires: they published what’s called a “Michelin Guide” which is a hotel and restaurants reference guide, it also provides some useful information like mapes, petrol stations, tire repair,… The first edition was distributed for free .
This was a smart strategy to encourage families to take their cars for drives to explore more places(restaurants, hotels,…) all over France and even the entire world, which means promoting automobile travel and this would, obviously, lead to an increasing demand on car tires.
This Michelin Guide is actually one of the oldest examples of what’s called today “Content Marketing “.

Michelin Guide (1900)

What’s Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a technique of creating and providing free or additional relevant and valuable content to attract the attention and engage a clearly defined target audience.

Principles of content marketing :
Here are some principles that every content marketer should take into account while building his strategy:
  1. Know your audience:
as mentioned in the definition, the audience you target with the content you provide must be well-defined so that you can understand better their needs, their expectations, and what can make them interact with you.
  2. Choose the right channel:
Knowing you audience implies that you should know the right channel to reach them and get them to interact with you. If, for example, your content targets young people (16/17.. 20 years old) trying to reach them by promoting your content on a newspaper would probably be a bad idea. On the other hand, social media platforms seems to be the ideal place where we can reach this category of people. And so on..
  3. Provide Value (be useful):
Your content must be valuable if you want attract the attention. While reading/ viewing your current people don’t look for regular boring things, they look for solutions, help, something that arouses their curiosity, entertainment,… they look for value.
  4. Be relevant:
Your content should meet your target audience’s needs and interests, you’ve to focus on offering the right content to the right people.

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