What makes a good marketing strategy?

You are starting a business and you want to promote it and get people to know about your product/service ?
You definitely need a marketing strategy!

What does a marketing strategy mean?
A marketing strategy is a group of  techniques that allow your organization to direct its resources to the opportunities on the market by reaching prospective customers and turn them into customers of its products/services.

What makes a good marketing strategy?

Here we suggest 7 steps that may help you build a successful marketing strategy :

Know your target audience: trying to attract everyone to your offers will waste you a lot of time and budget,  this is actually an impossible mission, not everyone has the same interests and the same tastes. So knowing who is it you are trying to reach with your offers and who your products/services are for would be a good step to start with.

Take an integrated approach: by using a mix of marketing channels, such as magazine ads,TV, radio, direct mail, social media… to extend your audience and meet your customers on the channel they prefer.

Know and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition: your offer has to have something unique about it that makes is stand out from your competitors. Give your customers a reason which motivates them to purchase your product even though it might be costlier than other products on the market.

Focus on how you can help your customers: once you’ve completed the first step and known who your customers are and what are their needs your have to show them your business has the right solutions for them, your customers must feel that you really care about their comfort.

Building marketing partnerships and collaboration: In today’s business environment that is so competitive and fast-moving building partnerships and collaborations is an important step that can help you extend your audience and reach new market segments, it also is an opportunity to learn from each other and exchange experiences.

Let your customers interact: Giving your customers the opportunity to interact with you and express their needs and their opinions about your offers will help you understand them better so that you can make them better offers .

Commitment: A successful marketing strategy takes time, commitment and a lot of patience. You have to understand that there are no shortcuts to achieving your business goals. So give it the time, the effort and the hard work needed and stay committed.

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