Systems Management Theory

Systems management theory is a foundational approach to management that views the organization as an open system made up of interrelated and interdependent parts that interact as sub-systems.  This approach differs from the more traditional hierarchical approaches to management in that it focuses on the dynamic interactions between the component parts of an organization rather … Continue reading Systems Management Theory

Proactive Attitude In Leadership.

  If you are a business leader, then facing challenges is something you must be used to, no matter the industry or the type of business you are in. Although problems and challenges come across every leader’s road, they don’t all handle them in the same way. Some are reactive to situations, while others have a … Continue reading Proactive Attitude In Leadership.

Why is communication important in leadership?

  Leadership requires engagement in countless relationships at the organizational level, and in different communities and groups, dealing with a multitude of audiences, and handling rapid flows of information. In short, being a leader means you will need to get a lot of people around you and if so, you need to communicate effectively. But communication … Continue reading Why is communication important in leadership?

Situational leadership theory and the model of Hershey & Blanchard .

Have you ever wondered what is the best leadership style? What is that one best way of leading that results in ultimate success?Well, this is not even a right question to ask. Or at least, this is what situational leadership theory tells us ! What is Situational leadership theory? Situational leadership theory assumes that leaders … Continue reading Situational leadership theory and the model of Hershey & Blanchard .

Are management and leadership the same ?

In the business world, we often tend to use “manager” for “leader” and vice versa. It is not always easy to distinguish one from another. These two terms are moreover often confused and considered as synonyms. However, there are important differences between leadership and management. In fact, these two terms would have different definitions. Leadership … Continue reading Are management and leadership the same ?

The principles of administrative management. | Henri Fayol.

Administrative management is classical management theory developed by the French mining engineer Henri Fayol (1841-1923) in his book “Industrial and general administration ” published in 1916.Fayol suggested 14 principles that focus on the administrative side of management.This theory generally calls for a formalized administrative structure.For Fayol, who was trying to find a rational way to design an organization … Continue reading The principles of administrative management. | Henri Fayol.

Classical Management Theory.

During the 19th century, the world was witnessing an industrial revolution which shifted agrian and artisanal societies towards towards commercial and industrial societies and established new manufacturing processes. This resulted in an increasing pace of industry,  large groups of people working together, people working alongside machinery and companies started looking for more effective ways to … Continue reading Classical Management Theory.

Fiedler’s contingency management theory.

The Austrian psychologist Fred Edward Fiedler (1922- 2017), one of the leading researchers in the industrial and organizational psychology, was behind one of the most remarkable management and leadership theories in the 20th century: The contingency management theory. According Fiedler’s contingency management theory, there is no one best way to structure a corporation and lead … Continue reading Fiedler’s contingency management theory.

The managerial process

The managerial process: regroups a set of functions and activities that managers engage in to direct the organization towards achieving its goals. This process Consists of 4 functions that are indispensable to manage a business:   – Planning: is a proactive process of setting objectives, determining the means necessary to achieve them and defining the steps … Continue reading The managerial process

What makes a good leader ?

What makes a good leader ?Here are some leadership qualities that are common among the world’s most successful businesses leaders: – Self-awareness: before you can understand other people and know how you can help them learn, grow and develop you first need to truly know and understand yourself and what you’re trying to achieve,  you … Continue reading What makes a good leader ?