Are management and leadership the same ?

In the business world, we often tend to use “manager” for “leader” and vice versa. It is not always easy to distinguish one from another. These two terms are moreover often confused and considered as synonyms. However, there are important differences between leadership and management. In fact, these two terms would have different definitions.

Leadership can be defined as the ability or the skill of having your team to, willingly, do things that need to be done to achieve a fixed goal.
And to do so, the leader is usually able to:
– Motivate his /her team .
– Inspire
– Encourage people to do the best they can.
– Direct the team: when the team faces a problem or a challenge, the leader directs people towards the right actions to take I  order to overcome the hard times .
– Persuading people: and convincing them to follow instructions and stick to the plan.

On the other hand, management is the procedure of handling/ controlling people and assets ( resources) and making sure to use them in the most effective way.
A manager needs a set of skills to achieve these goals:
– Planning: creating plans of action.
– Controlling people and resources
– Delegating responsibilities.
– Recruiting, hiring and training do they can acquire the necessary skills and qualities.
– Organizing the work.

To sum up: Leadership is the action of leading a group of people towards a common goal, while management is the process of dealing with and controlling people and resources making powerful use of the assets, equipmentyou’ve got at your disposal to achieve a defined goal or objective.

These differences between leadership and management do not mean that one of them is better than the other or you need to choose between them, but to succeed in your role at the head of the team you want to have a robust balance and stability between management and leadership skills .

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