Human Resource Management

What does Human Resource Management mean? What are some of its basics? and its common goals ? These are the questions we’ll be trying to answer in this article to cover this subject of HRM.

First let’s start by discovering the concept of Human resource.
Human resource (HR): according to cambridge dictionary, human resource refers to people when considered as an asset that is or can be employed and useful to a company/organization, this means that every person who is ready to exchange his labor, knowledge and(or) time for a compensation in an effort to improve the organization is considered Human Resource.

Human Resource Management (HRM): the activity of managing a company’s employees, that includes practices and policies concerning recruitment (hiring new employees), promotions, trainings,ratings of employees’ careers, helping them with problems they  may face at work, assessments and rewarding to motivate them to achieve the fixed goals,in addition to ensuring their safety and the suitable environment for work.

Basics for effective HRM policies.
1. Recruitment and selection: choosing the best candidates and hiring them is a key responsibility for a human resource manager.

2. Performance management: observing employees’ performance and giving them  feedback to help them perform better, correct their mistakes and complete their tasks in a more efficient way.

3. Learning and development: organizations invest in their human resource by offering training opportunities and encouraging employees to develop their professional skills by proposing courses at work.

4. Succession planning: the process of identifying and developing new leaders to replace the old ones when they leave or retire .

5. Compensation and benefits: having your employees motivated for work is such a fundamental point in any organization, compensation is the key to this motivation:
   . Primary compensation: usually means the monthly salary or a performance-based pay
   . Secondary compensation: non-monetary rewards like: extra holidays, flexible working-times, pensions,…

6. Human resource information system: a system used to collect and store data about employees so that managers can use it in different human resource operations of the organization for a better HRM.

Some of the common goals of Human Resource Management.
  .Goals related to employees: one of HRM’s main goals is to make sure people we hire have the qualifications and skills that commensurate with the organization’s ambitions and goals .
  .Goals related to work: pushing the employees to give their best, staying motivated and dedicated to work, helping them to improve their performances and overcome problems they may face.. all of these operations are of a crucial importance if we want our company to achieve the best results.
  .Goals related to changes: in a competitive and fast motion business environment organization needs to hire innovative and creative people who encourage change around them.

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